No Love Lost: Top 5 Basketball Love Spats

Posted on February 14, 2014

On this Valentine's Day some of us look for love, others celebrate it, but some use it as an event of botched relationships. Today we take a look at the botched relationships that didn't work out well in the game of basketball. 5. Vangundy and Dwight Howard How it ended: Van Gundy gets fired, Howard heads to LA. 4.Tim Duncan and Joey Crawford How it ended: Duncan gets ejected, Crawford keeps reffing Revenge: Duncan's ...

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Top 10: Things to NOT do in a pickup basketball game

Posted on February 7, 2014

Pickup basketball is entirely different from organized basketball. The rules are completely different.  In fact... the rules will actually change depending on what gym you play in.  But at HoopConnect we believe that there are some guidelines that should be universally accepted. Pass this along if you're a pickup baller and agree. #10: No More Watches, Hats or Long Pants  Please... oh please!!!  Stop wearing those long pants when ...

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Paul Pierce Faking

The Greatest Dunk Contest of All Time

Posted on February 6, 2014

The dunk contest features the top athletes in the game. Vertical, power, bounce, and some swagger is required to be the best. After looking at countless dunk contest videos, we have come up with what would be the greatest dunk contest ever. These 5 participants, in their prime, would put on the greatest show in basketball history. Here is the list (with some snubs). I could defend in words these selections, but I'll let the video do the talkin...

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