D.Rose 4.5

Posted on January 30, 2014
By: hoopconnect

Adidas continues to put its money behind Derrick Rose as the main face of the company. The D.Rose 4.5 holds the Crazy Quick sole design and structure that looks to have great flexibility and traction for a great shoe to play some ball in.

The designs definitely up the game with basketball shoes and matched the streetwear soul that Adidas so well imprints onto the sports culture. The animal like pattern and stripes is a little baffling but we have seen this before in a major player shoe, most notably Michael Jordan with the elephant print introduced in the Jordan III’s.

The collection comes out with 5 colorways and is available on the Adidas shop. With this being the 4.5, we can expect a great 5.o model and the furtherment of the D.Rose collection.





D-Rose-4.5-Black-Detail-2-G99355-620x413 D-Rose-4.5-Black-Detail-3-G99355-620x413 D-Rose-4.5-Black-Detail-4-G99355-620x413

D-Rose-4.5-Grey-Hero-1-G98339-620x413 D-Rose-4.5-Sketch-2-620x391 D-Rose-4.5-Sketch-5-620x333 D-Rose-4.5-Solar-Zest-Hero-1-G99361-620x413 D-Rose-4.5-white-navy-red-Hero-D74388-620x620   D-Rose-4.5-White-White-Black-Hero-G99364-620x620

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