No Love Lost: Top 5 Basketball Love Spats

Posted on February 14, 2014
By: hoopconnect

On this Valentine’s Day some of us look for love, others celebrate it, but some use it as an event of botched relationships. Today we take a look at the botched relationships that didn’t work out well in the game of basketball.

5. Vangundy and Dwight Howard

How it ended: Van Gundy gets fired, Howard heads to LA.

4.Tim Duncan and Joey Crawford

How it ended: Duncan gets ejected, Crawford keeps reffing

Revenge: Duncan’s Halloween Picture

3. Barkley and Shaq

How it ended: Both host NBA on TNT

2.Kobe and Shaq

How it ended:Both went on to win titles, made up at 2009 All-Star game with MVP Award.

1. Mike Rice and the entire Rice basketball team

How it ended:Rice fired, Rutgers struggles

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