Sharp Shooter Secrets: Are You Shooting with the Right Eye?

Posted on August 21, 2014
By: hminami

A Quick Fix to Your Shooting Mechanics

This is something that a lot of people actually don’t realize.  But it makes a huge difference when you start to shoot out of your more dominant eye.  What do I mean by shooting out of your dominant eye?  

Along which eye path do you raise your jump shot through?

The picture below will give you a better idea of what I mean:


Notice how the left-eye path shooter brings the ball up through the left-eye (even though she is right handed).  The right-eye path brings his shot up through his right eye.  Believe it or not, this could make a huge difference in your jump shot.

But how do you know which eye is more dominant?

Testing Your Eyes – Which is More Dominant?

A. Extend Your Arm Out 

Extend your arm out in front of you.  If you’re left handed, extend the left arm.  If you’re right handed, extend the right arm.

B. Give a Thumbs Up

Give a thumbs up – with the thumb pointing UP (imagine the Facebook Like Button)

C. Pick a Distant Object 

Choose an object at least three feet in front of you.  Don’t approach it or pick it up.  Just look at it.

D. Close One Eye

Cover or close one of your eyes (it doesn’t matter if it’s the left or right).  Now with the open eye focus on the object that you chose in step C.

E. Cover with Thumb

Now use your thumb (the thumbs up you have) to block the line of sight between your open eye and the distant object.

Dominant Eye Test

*It is preferable that the object you chose can be perfectly covered (or eclipsed) by your thumb along your line of sight.

F. Now Open Both Eyes

Once you open both eyes.  Did the object move?  Or can you still see the object through your thumb? Does your thumb almost look transparent and you can see the object coming through?  Or did the object move off to the side?

If the object is still along the line of sight with your thumb (and you can see the object through your thumb), then the eye you just tested (the OPENED eye in step D) is your dominant eye.  If the object is misaligned and shifted off the line of sight with your thumb, then the eye you tested is your weaker eye.

Dominant Eye View

Weak Eye View

G. Test Your Other Eye

Now test your other eye by repeating the steps above only this time, keep the alternate eye open on Step D.

*There may be a chance that both eyes are dominant – In this case you have some awesome eyes.  I would suggest that you choose one eye to be the one you use as your “dominant eye” (even though their both equal).  It will probably be easier to choose the eye that matches your dominant hand.  For example, if you’re right handed – choose the right eye.  If you’re left handed, choose the left eye.

* There is also a chance that both eyes are weak – In this case – You should probably get some glasses or goggles a la Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Horace Grant. The “dominant eye” you want to choose is the one that shifts the object less when you open both eyes in step F.

Applying This to Your Jumper

Once you figure out which eye is more dominant, you want to start practicing the motion of bringing your shot through that eye.  As shown in the first picture of the two shooters above, you want to bring the ball up through a STRAIGHT LINE path as you RAISE UP and RELEASE your jumper.

Some shooters even turn their head to focus out of their more dominant eye – like a rifleman.

Hope that helps some of you with your jumpers.  Next time, we will cover how to correctly hold the basketball as you shoot.  Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @HoopConnect to get updated for our next article.

Now get your three goggles on…

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